Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: All jewelry cleaner orders will come with an instruction sheet, that will describe how to clean your jewelry (with or without stones, costume jewelry etc...).

Q. How safe is the JewelerSecret.com website, and its payment gateway?

A. JewelerSecret.com is monitored and secured by Bigcommerce, offering our customers the highest encryption security possible on the internet, allowing you to browse and purchase on our site without worries. Also it should be noted when surfing the internet, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE "LOCK" SYMBOL located to the left of the web address (in the browser bar, as on our site). This lock denotes that the site is encrypted and secure.  

Q. What payment types are accepted through JewelerSecret.com?

A. Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Check Or Money Order. Our website also partners with several companies that allow you the freedom to pay through companies like Square and PayPal Express. Again, all payment gateways are safe and secure.  

Q. How long from the time I purchase my item until it arrives?

A. All Jeweler Secret orders are usually processed and shipped within 1-3 days from the time payment is received. Shipping time to your destination will vary depending on your geographic location. Most orders are shipped through USPS with the exception of the LARGE 32-16 ounce cleaner. It is usually shipped via UPS. As a general rule, if you are in the continental United States, you should receive your order within 3-5 days. Orders are shipped from Southern Alabama. 

Q. How often should I clean my jewelry.

A. With Jeweler Secret Cleaners you can safely clean your jewelry as often as you desire. Remember, your jewelry (like your clothing) is a direct reflection of who you are. We recommend you keep it presentable.  

Q. Which cleaner would I need for cleaning gold with stones?

A. Jeweler Secret Gold & Platinum Cleaner is recommended for cleaning all of your jewelry items made of white gold-yellow gold & platinum, with or without stones. Cleaning jewelry with precious stones is covered in the directions (sent with each order). 

Q. I need something to gently clean and shine my antique serving trays. Which of your products would you recommend?

A. Assuming the trays are silver, the easiest way to clean large silver items (like trays and tea sets), is to use Jeweler Secret "Pump Spray" Silver Cleaner. The pump style allows you to cover a large area with very little waste. You literally spray an area, leave on for up to a minute and rinse off with water. Bare in mind, if it is heavily tarnished, you will want to leave it on a little longer, and maybe repeat the process.

Q. What if my silver items are plated. Will your cleaner harm the plating?

A. If your item is plated, Jeweler Secret Silver Cleaners will work just fine on the item, without harming the  plating, provided the plating is in tact. But in the event the plating is chipped, cracked or worn completely off, nothing, nor any cleaner will bring back the shine to that area. The item would have to be restored to bring back its original lustre.

Q. Which cleaner is recommended for cleaning silver?

A. Jeweler Secret Silver And "Pump Spray" Silver Cleaners is recommended for cleaning all of your fine sterling silver and silver plate. For cleaning large items (i.e. tea sets, flatware, serving sets etc...) the "Pump Spray" silver cleaner is recommended. It is easy to cover large items with just a few sprays. If you are cleaning small items such as rings, with or without stones, use the regular silver cleaner. It is reusable and a little goes a long way. Instructions are included in each order.

Q. What stones should not be cleaned using JewelerSecret Gold & Platinum Cleaners?

A. Jeweler Secret Gold & Platinum Cleaners are safe on most natural and synthetic stones. Exceptions: USE ONLY Jeweler Secret "Pearl Cleaner" when cleaning Pearls. Pearls have a very fragile "egg like" outer shell that is very porous. Use the cleaner with luke warm water. Fondle the pearls gently through your fingers, rinse and pat dry with a soft cotton cloth. You should also use Jeweler Secret "Stone Conditioner" on opaque, coral and organic gemstones.

Q. How does Jeweler Secret Cleaners compare to an ultrasonic cleaner?

A. Jeweler Secret Cleaners are much safer when cleaning your jewelry. They also clean much faster and more efficient than an ultrasonic. An ultrasonic cleaner cleans by using a very high frequency vibration that over a short period of time, causes the loosening of your precious stones from the mount. Jeweler Secret Cleaners clean very rapidly and cause no issues in this manner.