About Us

About Us

We are a small family based company out of south Alabama, that manufactures a line of jewelry cleaners, that actually work. I am a jeweler of close to 30 years, and after years of hearing folks complain about not being able to find a reliable jewelry cleaner, in 2000 I set out to market my own line of cleaners. Our cleaners were created from a process I have used in my shop for many years. I have simplified the process for easy consumer use, and also made it marketable for the internet. The main thing I tell people about our cleaner is; we do not try to sell our cleaner, we merely try to get it in to the hands of the potential customer. If we can do that, it has been proven, thousands of times over, it will sell itself. THERE ARE NO GIMMICKS, IT JUST SIMPLY WORKS.

All Jeweler Secret cleaners come with a complete 100% money back guarantee. 

Customer satisfaction and "personal" customer service, is always our #1 concern. If you are reading this, and are in need of a jewelry cleaner, I would ask that you give us a try. You would have nothing to loose, but I believe, you too would become a repeat customer, for as long as you care for your jewelry.


Mark Willis~JewelerSecret.com